ELE sees its self as a channel for those who want to give back but don’t know how.

ELE is the hearts of a few young people who saw a need in their immediate community and reached out to help. It started with the idea to have one big fundraiser to help an orphanage in our community, St Jane’s de Chantal home, back on to its feet but quickly it grew and has continued to grow into the most beautiful community. As it is run and founded by the youth ELE has a constant flow of new energy and exciting prospects, we strive to constantly be not only involved in fundraising but also in the lives of the organisations we help.

Section 18A NGO

We’re a Section 18A NGO, meaning there are tax benefits to dealing with us.


We’re a driven team of individuals out to make things better


Education is at the forefront of what we do. We are aiming to educate 1000 kids in the next 5 years, amongst other things.


“To create a conscious movement in our society, to uplift and spread love everywhere it is needed.”

want to get involved?

There are many ways to get involved and to be a part of ELE. We are always looking for sponsors for our two main events that we hold in the year, at the moment most of the costs are paid by the ELE trust which is holding us back a bit.