“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay
with problems longer.” – Albert Einstein

When ELE receives a donation, a powerful multiplier effect is created.
We help our pupils, and their family, to see beyond their daily struggle and lift the burden of school fees and transportation to school, off their shoulders.


What the pupil receives?

  • ELE will ensure that the full school fees are paid in full
  • Transportation can be challenging for some of the parents, therefore ELE will assist where applicable for school transportation
  • Full support from our dedicated core ELE team, who are committed to helping the pupil succeed.
  • A chance at a better life with basic education
writing on notebook school south africa kid ele

What can donors expect?

  • Access to each pupils year-end report including their final year mark from school
  • Bi-annual photos and updates of the pupils
  • A special letter/voice-note/video from the pupils
  • *End-of-the-year small function with the opportunity to meet the pupils

*The attendance of ALL the pupils cannot be guaranteed
*Depending on the country’s (South Africa’s) government gathering guidelines

Donations continue to provide life-changing help to our pupils 

Your support is especially critical during this time, our pupils are having their lives upended by the lasting effects of COVID-19. However, your donation will assist tremendously towards their schooling.  

Outings with our kids through the years

All the events, all the fundraisers, all the parties (pre lockdown)… this is where your support and funds go towards. 
The funds will assist in the financial, academic and social support for the children to get a good education that would otherwise not been available to them. 

If you are interested in getting involved, whether it be through virtual tutoring, assisting with prizes for our fundraiser events, or taking the children out on an outing, please get in touch with us. 

But what we need most of all, is your financial support.
If you are in a position to help by setting up a monthly debit order that would be welcomed. Any amount, no matter how big or small, is appreciated.