ELE presents Bingo Night

It’s going to be Everybody Love Everybody’s (ELE) first Bingo Night ever. Experience our first bingo game ever with us, plus it’s a great fundraiser to keep the nine children we sponsor in school.

Bingo is a game of chance where players match numbers on a card in different arrangements with numbers that the host draws at random.

How to enter?

All players will need to purchase a ticket to be part of the Bingo Night festivities.
We have South African tickets and because there will be a few international players, an international player link has also been created. However, all players will play the same game.

What will happen on the day?

Players will receive an email with a link to their cards on the afternoon of Thursday 8 April.
The bingo cards can either be printed out or you can have them open in a separate window or tab on your device – we suggest using a tablet or your desktop.
The email will include a Zoom link where the game will be played. And you can get to meet the other players too.
All the rules of the game will be discussed at 7 pm, with the first game starting 20 minutes later.

Rules of the game

Each bingo sheet is totally randomised, so no two bingo cards are the same. The player will be able to open the cards in a tab on their desktop allowing for on-screen playing.
All players will listen to the caller and mark off on their cards. Both cards can be in play for each round.
There will be 3 rounds.
Our numbers will be between 1 – 75 and only a straight-line sequence wills the game.

Who can join Bingo Night?

Everyone is welcomed to join in the fun. You can have your younger sibling, older cousin or estranged uncle join in the fun – as long as they join in!

All proceeds will go towards our ELE Trust.
Our organisation has had to think of outside-the-box fundraisers in order to raise money.

There are still tickets available to Bingo Night if you want to support a good cause.

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