ELE’s journey with education

Everybody Love Everybody’s (ELE) journey with education grew out of a desire to make a deep and lasting impact in the children’s lives.
As a group, the ELE team agreed that providing a child with a quality education is the most enabling and impactful contribution that we can make as it will enable them to be self-sustaining and constructive members of society.

How the journey began

Since ELE had close ties to St Jane’s de Chantal, ELE decided to begin the journey with education with the orphanage.
ELE has since undertaken the task of supporting three of St Jane’s de Chantal’s most promising learners with their education such as covering the costs of their school fees, school uniform and school stationery including books.
ELE are able to place these three children in quality schools, such as St Theresa’s and The Kings School in Linbro.

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The journey with education

After a year of successfully supporting the initial three St Jane’s de Chantal learners, ELE decided to expand their reach by adding another three pupils.
Two of the young learners go to Norwood Primary School and one is a special needs pupil and is enrolled at Brainline Learning Programme.
Another year passed and another 5 pupils were added to the schooling list by ELE.

As ELE’s journey with education continues, the team began to understand the challenges that some of the pupils were facing and the organisation attempted to address them as best as they could.
One of the biggest challenges was the cost of transport, something that had not initially factored into the education initiative.
ELE thus worked with the students’ parents/guardians to identify safe and reliable transporters which ELE is paying.
Another challenge faced by the pupils has been the increased use of technology in schools, especially in 2020 during the lockdown periods of Covid 19. Where possible, ELE has sourced tablets and laptops for the pupils (often donated generously by the ELE community) to aid the pupils in the new online learning environment that they must adapt to.

The future of the nation

The most satisfying part of ELE’s journey with education has been the success of the pupils. Whilst most of the pupils are still in primary school, there have been two pupils who have successfully completed matric (one pupil received 3 distinctions and a university exemption) and one pupil is currently in matric.
The younger children are flourishing in the protective and stimulating school environment and ELE is excited to see them progress through their schooling careers.
Children are the future and by investing in them and their education, the nation is investing in the future success of South Africa.

ELE wants to thank you for supporting the organisation and the children.

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