How to organise a fundraising online quiz

As the year of digital eventing continues, we are required to find more ways to innovatively fundraise for the organisations that mean the most to us. This has put us outside of our comfort zone, but it has also led to some incredible fundraising opportunities.
The ELE team have particularly enjoyed hosting online quizzes to help us in our fundraising endeavours.

We would like to share some of our thoughts with you as you prepare to host one for the important charity organisation that you are involved with. 

Pro’s and con’s of hosting an online quiz

When hosting a quiz, especially the way the ELE does it, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement from the moment we start selling tickets and it lasts long after the venue has been cleared up and closed for the night. Those live events have a way of igniting purposeful energy to all those involved and brings the community together in such a special way. This can be rather difficult to replicate when you take the quiz online. 

What you lose in the physical atmosphere, you gain in reach.
An online quiz can be hosted from anywhere around the world and can be attended by anyone. This year has found us extending our network from South Africa to Canada, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Digital means deliberate

Unlike a live event where you can keep your eye on the crowd, and ask your attendees how they are enjoying themselves, a digital event such as an online quiz, needs to be planned and organised right down to the minute. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your attendees and make sure they fully understand the order of events, the rules of the game and allow time for drinks breaks in the kitchen.
All of these things need to be timed well so that there is a good flow to your digital event. 

Adding fun and entertaining elements are vital to make an online quiz as fun as a live quiz.
Dress-up themes, music rounds and surprises are all part of injecting ‘ghees’ into the screen. 


One of the key aspects of hosting an online quiz is to do a run-through of all systems, videos and change of presenters before the day of the event. These digital online quiz tools seem quite simple but it’s not so simple to fix an issue you weren’t prepared for when you’re live with 80 people watching.
Preparation is important and a well managed online event shows that you care about the attendees who have swapped their evening at home for some evening online fun and will have them more inclined to join the next time around.

After all, sustainable fundraising can keep patrons continuously interested and engaged in the cause to keep coming back to support. 

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