4 Ways to fundraise online for a charity

Gone are the days of simply asking people to ‘sponsor’ you to raise funds for something that is personal to you or a charity that you support. Hitting those fundraising targets nowadays needs you to be a bit more creative and to think out-of-the-box.
There has been an increase in ways to fundraise online recently due to the pandemic.

Ways to fundraise online

1. Online quiz

Online quizzes are a very rad way to raise funds. It is simple to host them and the rewards are great.
All you’ll need are a few trivia rounds of questions, include a music round, a Zoom meeting link and a bunch of very fun friends to participate.
You can sell the tickets for the event online for teams or even as individuals.
The key compound to online quizzes is keeping the participates engaged with all sorts of fun activities in-between the rounds.

2. Bingo Nights

Only the elderly like playing bingo… False!
Bingo Nights can be really awesome to host for a bunch of friends. There are a few online ways to host these incredibly fun nights in order to fundraise online.
All that you need is a Zoom meeting link for all the participants, digital bingo cards to be sent to all the players and a fun caller. Add a bit of background music, a cool dress-up theme and you’ve got yourself a fairly different way to raise funds for your charity.

3. Digital raffle

A digital raffle is a great way to fundraise online.
One great big prize such as a weekend getaway at a special game reserve or a big hamper for household goods and digitally raffle them.
The raffle can run over a few months and people can purchase virtual tickets.
Quicket has a really great fundraising system that anyone can use.

4. Virtual walk/run

With large crowd participation events still on ice due to the pandemic, creating a virtual run or walk would be amazing.
Advertise for a specific day and time for all to participate in a 10km walk or run. There are fitness apps that can record the activity for verification.
It’s a great way to get people involved from all over the country, and still get a fitness and fundraising energy going.

All the above ideas need to be fully supported with a social media content plan and member engagement must be encouraged to reach more people. The more people who get involved, the more funds will be raised.
It is a bit tricky to fundraise online but it is definitely possible with a bit of drive.

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