Building a better relationship with your charity donors

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Charity donor development is all about ensuring that you and your donors get the most you can from your relationship in ways that are mutually agreeable and beneficial. It is the process by which, from their very first contact onwards, you can encourage and enable donors and supporters to make the maximum contribution they both … Read more

Tips on getting donations for a non-profit organisation

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Fundraising for a non-profit organisation has not lost its effectiveness. It’s all about getting people to commit and making the ways in which donations for a non-profit organisation are more creative and enticing. People are still willing to make donations – they are just more inclined to be part of something different or with some … Read more

Ideas to get children more involved in charity

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Charity begins at home is a phrase we hear often. The meaning of this saying is to start by helping those in need who are close to you first. What if it meant bringing up conscious and caring children by teaching them how to be involved in charity work from a young age.Build a culture … Read more

4 Ways to fundraise online for a charity

Gone are the days of simply asking people to ‘sponsor’ you to raise funds for something that is personal to you or a charity that you support. Hitting those fundraising targets nowadays needs you to be a bit more creative and to think out-of-the-box. There has been an increase in ways to fundraise online recently … Read more

How charities use social media to get donations

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Digital marketing is the future and that is why non-profit organisation need to start using it to reach a bigger audience. Direct marketing is important but organisations can reach a new audience. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing ensures that the charity does not risk missing out on increased reach should they fail … Read more

The benefits of donating to ELE

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You might be asking yourself what are the benefits of donating to ELE? Besides the fact that you’re a good human being for helping the less fortunate than yourself, there are actually a multitude of benefits which we will briefly outline for you. Get the benefits of donating to ELE Why donate to ELE? Everybody … Read more

How to bring your non-profit organisation ideas to life

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Are you thinking of starting up a non-profit organisation? Here are some ELE’s practical tips to get you thinking on the right track. It is a complicated world that we live in. Painfully divided by the haves and the have-nots. In South Africa, we are faced with it every day. Too many people go to … Read more