The benefits of donating to ELE

You might be asking yourself what are the benefits of donating to ELE? Besides the fact that you’re a good human being for helping the less fortunate than yourself, there are actually a multitude of benefits which we will briefly outline for you.

Get the benefits of donating to ELE

Why donate to ELE?

Everybody love Everybody is a 100% registered non-profit organisation where your donation goes towards helping the initiatives we are supporting.
ELE prides itself with its full transparency, and how it makes use of all funds to the best of its abilities.

Donations are tax-deductible

As ELE is a registered NPO, another benefit of donating is that they will issue a Section 18A letter to any person who donates to ELE.
This makes your donation tax-deductible, which is clearly a win-win for everyone involved. It is therefore advisable to donate, and more especially companies because of the reward you’ll receive from the taxman..

Getting involved

ELE is a community run organisation and they welcome input from all our donors, and members.
It is therefore possible to get involved in every aspect of ELE which helps steer the ship and donations to where the need is seen by the ELE community.

Progress is shared

With our focus on education and supporting orphaned children, ELE keeps the donors well-informed of the children’s progress with report cards, photos, and updates with newsletters.
This allows you to be part of the constant progress of the children ELE supports.
The organisation also welcomes anyone to become a member, join us on field trips, attend any fundraising events or assist with tutoring the children.

Donate with ease

Donating is made very easy with ELE’s monthly debit order form, that allows donors to donate as much or as little as they can.
Every little bit helps to building a smarter and stronger South African youth.

As you can see the benefits of donating to ELE are endless and worth considering.
If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact the organisation at thalia@ele.org.za

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