How charities use social media to get donations

Digital marketing is the future and that is why non-profit organisation need to start using it to reach a bigger audience. Direct marketing is important but organisations can reach a new audience. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing ensures that the charity does not risk missing out on increased reach should they fail to incorporate digital into the objectives
Charities use social media to speak directly to their supporters on the different platforms that they visit on a daily basis. This increases donors and more engagement with the charity.

Social media provides the organisation with an effective space to tell the full story. This is a way to help find those that believe in the work that the charity does and engage with it.

Choose your social media platforms

Imagine trying to maintain a presence on all social media platforms that are available… Near impossible and it’s unnecessary. There are just too many of them.
Three of the most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. TikTok is also growing a huge following. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
Non-profit organisations can unlock the power of fundraising and receiving donations by reaching out their audience on either one of these platforms.
Facebook has great audience engagement, and the ability to set up a page with ease is a bonus.
If you can get your following and post strategy correct, Twitter is a great platform to make use of.
The Instagram audience is on the rise every day and this is a great platform to showcase the work that your charity is doing and planning on doing, just make sure that you use the correct hashtags to reach an even bigger audience.

Reach the right audience

You’ll want all the information that you are sending out to go the correct target audience. It is important that your posts and information reaches a specific audience rather than the general public.
Create a form on your website for people who are interested in the work your charity does, and you can target them specifically on email. A good email marketing tool to have is Mailchimp.
Your boosted posts on Facebook or social media adverts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will also need to be target-specific. Your charity can’t set a target location in Durban, for an event, when the event will be hosted in Johannesburg only.

Comprehensive social media strategy

Get a feel of where your audience spends most of their time, and that is where most of your efforts are to be directed. It is good to point out that you may be on three different digital platforms but use maybe one of the platforms more than the other. Not all posts will be suitable for all three platforms at the same time.
The posts that will be generated will need to tell a story of about the organisation, what the organisation stands for, and engage with the audience who support the charity.
People like to get a sense of what the future is for the organisation, any plans for fundraisers, how much has been raised and how much is short. People connect better with the organisation as well if they know exactly where the funds are being allocated to.

Organise fundraising events

Events are important for charities as this brings members to come together and share knowledge.
With the promotion of the event, a new audience will be made available to the charity database. Fundraising events don’t all require massive budgets to put on. Many events can be hosted online, as we have seen since Covid-19, which opens them up to a much broader audience.

As you can see, there are a few ways in which charities use social media to increase their audience, and that leads to more people being able to donate to the organisation.
Post relevant information and consistently and the charity can make a huge difference by using social media.

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